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Mahalo for your feedback!

Comments we have received . . .

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the LomiLomi course, it was such an amazing experience, and i don't think I will forget about it all for a very long time to come. - Louise (England)

“Aloha and mahalo again for the great class in Kona and all the wonderful gifts of knowledge and wisdom you were able to share with us. I am still digesting it all and I'm sure that will be true for some time to come. It was a very good class with very good people. It certainly met and exceeded whatever expectations I might've conjured up before going and I look forward to seeing you again!” - Denny (Alaska)

I'm very grateful to you for everything you have done for me in Hawaii. I had a wonderful time! - Junko (Japan)

“The Lomi lomi class ... was truly magical and has changed my life and massage practice in a profound way. I just wanted you to know what an impact you have had on my life and my profession. Your teaching method is superb - you have such a calming and peaceful presence, combined with your expert knowledge and professionalism. I have done over 85 lomi sessions since returning home. The reaction from my clients has been 100% positive, with some of my long-time people telling me that it is ‘the best massage that they have ever had...’" - Jillian (Washington)

I'd like to learn much more from you. You are a great kumu for us! Thank you. A hui hou, Yoko (Japan)

I enjoyed our time together! I look forward to working on your German book once I get back, can't wait to see it in print. Also had time to have 2-hour massage by Daniel Albers, he is awesome. -Simone (Germany)

Deepest mahalo for all that you taught and gave us. It was truly transformative. I'm amazed at how deeply lomilomi and ho'oponopono has already affected my life. I especially gained so much insight from our sessions with the elders. - April (California)

Thanks so much for sharing your home and time with us!! It's kind of odd, I sense Uncle Robert's aloha I've briefly greeted and seen him in the spirit somehow. - Georgia (California)'s AMAZING how well you captured the essence of a real lomi session with a genuine lomi master in your book ...Leina'ala's pule was so beautiful that a few tears ran down my face. What a special and powerful experience ... so much of the pain in my hands, hip, neck, and back is gone most heartfelt mahalo. - Zelda (Hawaii)

Thank you for sending the pictures they are awesome. We want to thank you for taking time out to introduce me to Aunty Mary. I just wished we had more time. Took me 26 years to return to the big Island and the day after Poliahu arrives...snow...auwe no hoi e!!! - Reuben & Agnes (Kauai)

It was quite an atmosphere as for most it was the first conscious reconnection to who they really are. It was obvious that Aunty Mahealani has special gifts and a very special connection to powers beyond the norm. Part of this message is that we all need to “Live in Trust” and to do so is to be “in the Same Canoe as Spirit”. - Rohan (Australia)

I am grateful for your support at Big island. Thanks for many happy memories. -Tomoko (Japan)

The seminar was very helpful, both for review and for the great new techniques. I've put those to use immediately upon returning to my practice.... Thanks for being so welcoming! - Karyn (Colorado)

I wanted to thank you for the warmth and confidence you instilled in me. I continue to teach lomi lomi and hot stones here in Melbourne and your presence is with me in every class. I will be there with bells on next time you come. - Sue Lee (Australia)

Thank you again for a fabulous week of training! - Kendall (California)

What a beautiful day, lots of love and good healing energy all through the place! You are such a vibrant and exceptional woman that we feel so privileged to know you. - Arlene & Paul (Volcano)

I have wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your teachings on SaltSpring last year. I really enjoyed the spirituality you brought to the teaching of Lomilomi. - Joan (British Columbia)

Thank you so much! You are my special Kumu. I am so happy to meet you. - Jun (Japan)

The workshop was very enjoyable. I went away with a heart and head full of knowledge. - Wendy (Canada)

Thank you for sharing and caring. We went to the library and presented your book to the people of Rarotonga (Cook Islands). That was an honor, thank you. - Bev (Hawaii)

My time with you learning massage in Hilo has become very special to me. - Eric (Oregon)

Such good lomi class! I want to go back to Hawaii as soon as possible.... I'm happy!!! Because I'll meet you again soon in Canada. Mahalo! - Kana (Japan)

I'll always appreciate everything you've done for me. It turned my carreer and my life around! - Raghu (Florida)

Thank you so much for everything you taught us--the aromatherapy and lomilomi especially! - Renya (California)

Thanks again for all your help and great teachings. - Marston (California)

Mahalo for the fantastic Tahiti Retreat, really lovely. - Sophie (Australia)

Thank you for all that you have done. You can’t imagine how important it is to me. Mahalo. To an Excellent teacher. -- Josee (Canada)

Thanx so much hope all is well say hi to everyone for me and tell them i miss them. - Shuna (Canada)

Your massages kept us in great shape for our cruise. Thanks again for your loving and invigorating contact...hope to do it again next year... - Ralph and Marjorie (California)

Whenever I do lomi lomi and say the pule you taught us and play the music you put together for us I feel blessed. So, Mahalo nui loa for all your Aloha and guidance. -- Sharon (British Columbia)

Presently I'm working as a massage therapist… at North Hawaii Community Hospital. I love doing it and learning new skills. Every so often when I'm giving a massage your right there next to me giving me pointers. Take care, keep smiling, stay sexy, and live the good life. Aloha, a hui hou, malama pono. - Gonzo (Hawaii)

Greetings from Morere, Misty, moist and Magical. The memory of the visit from you and Leane resides close to our hearts and the possibility of meeting again is a happy tune the tui sings. - Lynda (New Zealand)

Aloha, Dear Ones! And thank you all for gracing us here in Aotearoa New Zealand with your lovely Aloha energies, your songs and laughter, and your radiant appreciation of our natural gifts here. I trust you have all had safe and inspiring journeys home, and will dream deeply of the rainbow bridges we have shaped between our islands. - Michael (New Zealand)

Nancy I just want to thank you so much for all your planning and effort to make these wonderful journeys happen. Sometimes I think I've been dreaming and wonder if I'd really been there, done that! - Beverly (Big Island)

Thanks so much for your wonderful shepherding of all of us for this New Zealand trip! Mahalo, Jansett (California)

Aloha Nancy, We enjoyed the [2006 Ho'opono] cruise ... the highlite was seeing the volcano from the Ocean and all those beautiful "lava waterfalls" it was awesome! Mahalo for all your efforts - - we appreciate all your time! - Pete and Mary Jane (Hawaii)

“I did a course with you in lomilomi last year... I appreciate this so much, and I wish you all the luck in the world in the southern hemisphere. And I hope you like it enough to stay long enough for me to come train with you again!” - Laura (England)

“It is clear to me why you are the writer! I know there are many forms of Lomi and I respect them. I know there is much Kahu has taught and is teaching that I will never know. Now I'm understanding enough to ask you questions. I think you have learned more about temple style lomi than I did.” - Susan (Kauai)

Please accept our heartfelt mahalo nui loa for your presentation and generous contributions of your time and energy during our fifth annual lomilomi conference. We are continually receiving positive feedback from the participants that they thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated your talk and learning about your area of expertise. - Hawaiian Lomilomi Assn.

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